Villa Bernocchi came to existence during the first decade of the twentieth century when various people from the bourgeoisie society amalgamated with industrialists, to start what today is known as the most preferred vacation spot, and picturesque environment around Lake Maggiore.

Villa Bernocchi is today regarded as one of the most beautiful and iconic landscapes, alongside many others that justifies and highlights Italy. It is surrounded by timeless parks, secular woods and the most breath taking panoramic views. The secular woods which surrounds the villa, ranges as big as 60000 square meters.

The construction for this monument began in the early 1900's, commissioned by the bourgeois family "Bernocchi", to Camillo Boito's student. Villa Bernocchi's structure is best described as rather majestic, made of three floors, where the first floor typically represents classic decorations, harking to the period of its creation.

Today, Villa Bernocchi remains as property of the local authority of Premeno. The villa has and still basis its primary point on serving several events in the arts, such as various instrumental master class, concerts and art exhibitions.

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